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 buy fifa 15 coins ps3 match referees determine Argentina the whistle will take Russian Korean war

Local time June 15 afternoon, FIFA announced has this Tuesday (17th) three field Brazil World Cup group game of referee list, will Mexico referee Rodriguez will law enforcement Belgium and Algeria of game, and Korea and Russia of game is will by Argentina name whistle Pittan main blow, buy fifa 15 coins ps3 as Brazil and Mexico Zhijian of a, group second round first game of main referee is is from Turkey of 37 age referee Kargil FIFA announced has will law enforcement 2014 Brazil World Cup of 25 bit referee, They are mostly excellent FIFA referees, law enforcement many major events. But they also have a lot of people being remembered for a controversial penalty, here we take a look at the 25 judges who are

Belgium and Algeria's match will be Brazil 17th, local time is the first of the match, then this game will be determined by Mexico referee maerkeluodeligesi law enforcement. Now 40 age of Rodriguez this repeatedly has is he third times law enforcement World Cup has, in past of two session World Cup Shang he cumulative law enforcement has 4 field game, also also participate in had 3 session U17 World Green game and 1 session U20 World Green game of law enforcement work, while also law enforcement has 5 session in the North America Gold Cup, and law enforcement had 2 session in the North America champion League finals and 2007 World furniture Cup of finals, law enforcement experience quite rich and from Argentina of neisituoerpitan is will in day of second field game, and Russia and Korea served as the referee in the match between, interestingly that day also happens to be Argentina's 39-year old birthday. Pittan fully qualify as a Argentina referee a genius in the field of, the 2007 year won its first Argentina's top League referees just 3 years of law enforcement qualifications will be promoted at the international level referees!Previously, Pittan had law enforcement had 2013 years South America liberation who Cup finals, and in 2013 of U17 World Green game Shang blow penalty has 3 field game, is South America football in recent years emerged out of and one top referee as hosts Brazil team and Mexico Zhijian of group game second round of first game, field Shang main CD is is 37 age of Turkey referee kuneiyitekajier, and he is since duoganbabakan 1974 law enforcement World Cup zhihou, later 40 years zhihou second bit debut World Cup field of Turkey referee. MacAskill's career as a referee in the enforcement of well-known games, including 2012 Corinthians ' 1-0 victory over Chelsea, the Club World Cup final Brazil World Cup European zone play-off first round Ukraine at home 2-0 win over France's game, as well as the 2012 European Cup semi-final Portugal penalty shootout defeat against Spain's game.

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