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Hosts in the history of the World Cup opening match unbeaten (14-6) host attend the opener also undefeated (5-3). Brazil almost 8 times the World Cup opening match victory, nearly 17 times the opener unbeaten. 0:1 away last year Switzerland Hou, Brazil has achieved 9-game winning streak. 2002 defeat to Paraguay Hou, Brazil 37 consecutive undefeated at home. buy fifa 15 coins ps3 1975 Copa America semi-finals 1:3 defeat to Peru Hou, Brazil home games (competitions and qualifiers) undefeated. Luiz Felipe Scolari last 1 field is used to warm up the starter, is 1 years ago won the Federation Cup final lineup. He became the youngest person to reach the age of appearances of the Brazil international, who he, as the national team home matches unbeaten (14-3). 2002 tournament 2:1 WINS Italy Hou, Croatia in the finals in 4 consecutive games without, of which only 1 field goal. Croatia 13 World Cup conceded only 11 goals and conceding only rate (0 per game.85 goals) was the lowest among its 32 teams. Left-back Planic warm-up injury, fuersalike to play left field. Lovren replaced Achilles tendon injured central defender Xi Erdeng Feld. Top scorer suspended mandzukic, ante Jelavic as the arrow before the game, admission to the three teenagers flying pigeons. After 45 seconds, Ivica olic headed back to the left point, Kovacic at 25 meters in front half volley off the near post. The first 6 minutes, Corluka knocked Hurk, Marcelo Piqu free kick Thiago Silva post fight back road, 8 meters a header in front of Lewis was picked by Pletikosa. Croatia the 7th minute looped! He left the right foot ball, after Ivica olic beat Alves, 9 metres in front top elastic Earth off the near post. The first 9 minutes, Brazil quick free kicks, neymar, Paulinho, Paulinho volley touched fuersalike at 27 meters in front of the latter missed the left post Brazil Oolong from the 11th minute own goal! Olic left, grounder hike through Thiago Silva, ante Jelavic points before his left foot to push did not play, but Marcelo in front of 6 meters to advance their own, 1:0, which is the 5th fastest own-goal in World Cup history, Boyd after shattering the door following the 1998 Scotland,! Enjoy 24/7/365 online service for cheap fifa 15 coins xbox, fifa 15 coins ps3/ps4, fifa 15 ios coins and fifa 15 android coins. 2nd opening own-goal in World Cup history. Only 1 prior to the World Cup host team own Oolong (1970 Mexico against Italy, haweierdegusiman), oolong tea can still win the World Cup on goal in the game are Spain (2002 against Paraguay). Brazil placed for the first time after the oolong, France maintains the current World Cup the longest without own records (for 54 consecutive games). On behalf of Marcelo Real Madrid 198Never own the game. Goal of the World Cup opening game first team only lost 1 (1962, Switzerland 1:3, Chile), 15 minute, Oscar cross from the right flank after Fred and neimaerdu slow by half a beat. The first 21 minutes, Oscar through-right side of the penalty area, Paulinho dipped by Pletikosa 10 meters in front. After 1 minute, neymar midfield strong inrush bottom line return of the area to create chaos, Oscar push through people all around the edge of the box to the left foot, Pletikosa fabulous side flapping, followed by Hurk angled hit high on the left side.

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