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 buy fifa coins powerful enemies from the tournament

Today, at 9 o'clock in the morning from the tournament in Brazil, Recife challenge "five-star" Brazil. For Chinese fans, get up in the morning will be able to watch a football game broadcast,buy fifa coins this situation is rare, this world war thanks to the CMB in Brazil Recife kick, and China has given by the 11-hour time difference. However, faced with such powerful enemies from the tournament but is suffering the most serious in the history of "man shortage", coach Jose Antonio Camacho even the 18-man squad get together ... ... This could not help but make all-tournament fate the squeeze on people shortage Khan Super tournament lineup with only 16 people

To play an international game, there's 18-man squad have got enough. But tournament this time a game to challenge the five-star Brazil, coach Jose Antonio Camacho's hands is not such a "complete" lineup. At 9 o'clock in the morning today, global warming up of China will usher in a second leg match, Brazil Recife against samba Brazil team. Ended to Sweden after playing the tournament took 21 hours to fly to Recife from Helsingborg. But, on team for, Fifa Coins, FIFA UT COINS, Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins For Sale Online!! this field game maximum of difficult also not journey fatigue and jet lag chaos, but deficiency soldiers General in Zheng and Sun two bit veteran due to preparing for Asia Crown from Sweden directly returned Hou, originally only left 17 people residual array of team again loss a member General, from Liao foot of sidewalks players Yu Hanchao, because was check out left knee ligament tear, probably will missed CMB of war. In this way, national soccer team against Brazil only 16 players in the game are available, which also includes 3 goalkeepers, which the previous away matches in China staff one of the most tense. This is not reminiscent of the 1996 European Cup final, when Germany team because of injuries, severe shortages, even coach Berti Vogts ordered prepared for goalkeeper Oliver Kahn a suit that, whenever they play. National soccer team in this case and the 1996 European Cup final when the Germany team is quite similar. Camacho in troops so stretched, face powerful Brazil is really hard to expect the coach was tough: we will not defeat Brazil.

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