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 buy fifa coins xbox Italy police cracked a case of manipulating football matches

Down the Serie a betting scandal become a malignant tumor. buy fifa coins xbox Spent about 3 years time, began to recover in June 2011 in Serie a, Italy police cracked a case of manipulating football matches, players and clubs are punished, fined for Atlanta fell 6 points, team star Alexander Doni was suspended for 3.5 years. Last year, continues to be in Serie a betting scandal, Juve coach Antonio Conte to be involved. Succession of betting events, so that the market value of the Serie a Club are getting low, sponsors have no interest in Serie a, fading is inevitable. "Chen said the fourth deadly sins: Stadium

In the Lee of the Sichuan Airlines, like Juventus 19-year veteran fans, Serie a downturn today, Ewing is proud for his performance of "only presentable only Juventus in Serie a, because it has its own stadium, Juventus become the best in Serie a, best-attended team. Even when Ewing is not the strongest in my heart, but at least they carry Italy soccer pride. "He told the Chongqing morning news reporter, Juve's current model is not necessarily suitable for another Club, after all, the rebuilt Stadium funding many serie a stadium was built in 1990 for the World Cup, even the famous San Siro, is a complete joke compared with professional golf course in England. Watching his beloved team in these dilapidated, vegetable-like game on the Court naturally find it hard to lift the interest of fans to see the ball. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport reported, now serie a tickets to dozens of European, far more expensive than a 6 euro ticket, and who wants to spend more money, to suffer a waste pitch? Chongqing morning news reporter Vicki He Bayern Munich eliminated arsenal

"The Bundesliga giants" 1:1 Bayern Munich and arsenal draw, so 3:1-finals on aggregate; Atletico Madrid in a thoroughly deserved win on aggregate 5:1 4:1 sweep of AC Milan, hand in hand with Bayern Munich qualify for the first-leg win with 2:0, Bayern Munich home easier. Schweinsteiger push on 55 minutes after Franck ribery passes into the net, for the home team to be number one. Arsenal by Lukas Podolski in 2 minutes in with a volley the equalizer. In stoppage time, Robben won the penalty in the penalty area, but Mueller's shot was saved by Lukasz fabianski, the two sides finally 1:1 the score. Bayern Munich on aggregate 3:1 through to the last eight as Reigning champions, high-flying Bayern are expected to make history: to become the first defended his team in Champions League history. However, arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger accused Arjen Robben in two rounds of competition are phenomena of diving. In this regard, the latter responded: "great coach does not need to resort to such statements, I have no intention to defend himself in front of this. "According to the Xinhua News Agency.

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