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Germany Lahm and per Mertesacker passing successfully 346 and 294 respectively, they rank in the top five passes together cross Brazil will be very worried about their next game against Colombia,cheap fifa coins xbox because so far, Colombia shot the highest success rate. Jose pekerman's team has 3 goals in less than 10 shots, Supernova Rodriguez shot into the goal in the team's efficiency is achieved is 62.5%, he has so far scored 5 goals, which also includes Uruguay scored when that nice free volley. Which ranked behind him is Muller and the player also scored 4 goals, their efficiency is 36.4% in this regard, and Rodriguez is a wide gap between Netherlands goalkeeper of the opponent is the busiest man on the field because the Netherlands shooting accuracy rate was 62.7% of the whole team. Louis van Gaal's side in this tournament-quality is very high, this first game Netherlands 5-ball win over defending champion Spain can be seen in the game. In that game, and Arjen Robben's shot accuracy rate of 88 per cent.9% he scored 2 goals. Neymar, Robben and Rodrigues,, Gertze, Oscar's shooting accuracy ranked at,Cheap Fifa 14 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online!! but was ranked first in Mexico more than dos Santos, his accuracy rate of 100% was known as the golden generation of Belgium has been trying to make themselves better, they eventually delivered barged into the top 8. Who appeared in 4 games, a total of 32 shot shots but scored only 6 goals. Followed by France with 31 shots shots and scoring 10 goals. France's Karim Benzema alone has 13-foot shots on tournament, Argentina may not be at their best, they are wasting too many chances. They shot a 34-foot goal, although they have Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano continued to create chances, but their shooting was too low. Miss-rate of the Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan Miss distance is 10 times the number one.

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