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United States 0-1 defeat to Germany, the two teams work together to qualify! Portugal 2-1 win over Ghana, but eventually were eliminated due to superior goal difference,cheap fut coins missed the cut. World Cup Group g ranking: Germany and the United States, and Portugal, Ghana. Thomas H. Moorer scored a goal, and now having 4 World Cup ball from Messi, neymar temporarily tied for top scorer in the first place. Ronaldo scored the tournament's first goal Germany VS United States after the match, Germany coach Joachim Loew said: "last one key ball can still be improved, otherwise we can get two or three goals. "" "United States team promotion make me a bit of a surprise, because this group is not easy. I think the United States qualify for the great credit is due to Klinsmann, we feel very happy for him.

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Fans battle did not appear worried about German-American (or expect) rapport ball, applauded the players from both teams! United States team is well qualified, determined implementation of steady counterattack tactics have also prepared for the next top 16 battles. Final stages of Kickback can see once they've decided to attack and still be able to create a few chances. Germany team's victory to be seen "Tiki Taka" game isn't dead, but have enhanced version. Like a mill's calm again!

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