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 cheap wild star gold the blood Forecast

Netherlands heads two kill Tetragonal, group game as Robin van Persie suspended but have stumbled enough to show importance in General on this team in the Champions League this year,cheap wild star gold generals to fight back has been shown to contain the ball perfect for tactical solutions and van Gaal is carved into the quintessence of the Netherlands in the blood. Forecast: one-eighth final against fabulous Mexico, Netherlands people pressure is not small. But fortunately there is, Mexico play features and Chile similar to van Gaal has prepared psychologically. One-fourth-final opponents are Costa Rica and Greece among the winners, semi-final against Argentina, no doubt, Netherlands not the strongest, but it is the largest European sides in hopes of Benzema who contend must be wide support

Out of Showdown:

July 1 France VS Nigeria

Group game fail to win Ecuador, Benzema's goal was halted, although had already scored 3 goals in three games, may be in contention for the Golden boot, even advancing the team, Benzema has lagged behind a lot of put it in perspective, Benzema broke out in fact benefited from Franck ribery's injury, without a wide ball and Karim Benzema are more likely to show their impact within the closed area. Of course, it all has to have wide support put it another way, if Benzema can keep scoring goals, France may be surging, but this vibrant, young France teams, after all, lack of experience, can put Benzema on the Golden boot with the power of the throne is still insufficient. Golden boot with the team to qualify for France, are basically complementary relationship forecast: most people are bullish on France can go too far, and Germany as group appears at the half, then France after the first round, will face Germany, and Brazil, which are relatively more mature team.

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