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 FFXIV GIL Alberto Gilardino and Pippo Inzaghi also qiangdian

60 minute, Massimo Oddo cross from the right was blocked Cassano right foot low shot from 11 meters in front were kasaimakasi out.FFXIV GIL Donadoni made its first substitution, Mr Marchionne replaced Daniele de Rossi and Simone Perrotta are completely retreated into midfield. On 66 minutes, bosikusi in front of 14Metres left foot volley ball confiscated by Buffon substitute Simone Perrotta Alberto Gilardino. The 75 minute, Cassano cleverly taken over defender after a low cross to the left, Alberto Gilardino and Pippo Inzaghi also qiangdian, Inzaghi 4 metres left foot to push higher at the door! After 87 minutes, Pirlo corner on the left, Alberto Gilardino headed straight to the lower-right corner at the 7 metres in front,mmoinbox but keep the post reserves Mochot Brazauskas mysteriously left-footed the ball out! Italy only helpless accept 1:1 of results Italy (4 3 3): 1 Buffon/22 Otto, 5 Cannavaro, 6 Barzagli, 3 Grosso/8 plus figure cable, 21 Pirlo, 4 Daniele de Rossi (61'23 marchionni)/20 Simone Perrotta (71' Gilardino)/9 Inzaghi (86' di Michele), 10 Cassano Lithuania (4 2 3 1): 1 kasaimakasi/2 Stanco maintenance Republika, 3 deqiaokesitasi, 5 Sklar 6 I weierzidawusikasi 14, puleikesadisi, 7, Sabinas (65' kaluonasi)/13 m keliunasi, 18 qiesinaosijisi, 11 bosikusi (79' labukasi)/9 Danile repairs (82' Mochot Brazauskas).

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