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 fifa 14 coins for sale Serie a is more and more limited

Serie a on business income is more embarrassed-inter's business revenues amounted to 67.9 million euros last season, fifa 14 coins for sale while Manchester United's commercial revenues of 140 million euros can be seen from data provided by the Gazzetta dello, team effort, Serie a is more and more limited, "serie a little team was often called the financial crisis a few years ago, but two teams AC Milan, Inter Milan boss and selves. Inter boss Massimo Moratti did not spend less, Berlusconi and selves. Moratti has now sold Inter Milan, Berlusconi to tighten pockets Milan repeatedly summoned to be sold. "Chen some frustration this year, Jia Peng is impersonating a 21 years old student at SISU, who from age 9 serie a, was 11 years old when the fan forum moderator, young is a veteran. "Milan eliminated, nothing unexpected, power out there. As for Juventus and Napoli, halted the group stages in addition to grouping situation poorly, even though the Group won qualification are also not available, now in Serie a had gone away. "He told the Chongqing morning post" 2003 both Juventus Milan reach the Champions League final I remember 2005 and 2007 Champions League final to Milan, in 2007 got the Champions League how scenery. Milan in the Champions League next season now have no chance, if not comprehensive shake-up over the next few seasons would not be able to participate in the Champions League. "Jia Peng Cheng recalled, said," all aspects than the other leagues, Serie a fall sooner or later. Serie a revival, I think we should start with the youth grabbed. Serie a player of last year turned out to be 34 years old, Andrea Pirlo, somewhat ironic.

Loss of top coaches in Serie a has huge losses, they took Italy team that takes pride in essence. Such as dynasty created Milan's Carlo Ancelotti this season Real Madrid like the new born baby; Capello is now Russia national team coach, and Serie a had already split apart Lippi came to China, evergrande has become the focus of world attention down the Serie a betting scandal become a cancer.

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