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 fifa 14 coins xbox Messi two reactive goalie eye-catching Argentina 0

Argentina and Switzerland played in international tournaments with a total of 6 times, Argentina 4-2 to occupy an absolute advantage,fifa 14 coins xbox conceded 14 goals in 3 goals. 1 times in the World Cup, the two teams met, 1966 England World Cup group a game, Argentina 2-0 victory over Switzerland. Last time the two teams clash in a friendly on February 29, 2012, Argentina won 3-1, Messi hat-trick. The lineup, Switzerland with a group match with Honduras exactly as, Argentina with Ezequiel Lavezzi injured Alberto Aquilani Luo Di 5 minutes, di Maria on the left wing played fine knocks ball past, being dragged lixishitainala fouled Argentina free kick into the penalty area, Switzerland Defender beat out. The first 8 minutes, Sha Qili tactical corner to the edge of the box to the left, cross with a right foot shot after playing high. On 23 minutes, Messi road continuously bring the ball out, straight Middle team-mate Gonzalo higuain, but preempted by-back out after 25 minutes, click here to see more about fifa coins! Mahir Mehdi down di Maria, Lionel Messi free kick on the right to the near post, higuain header rejection is high. The first 27 minutes, Sha Qili right forced to run into the area, inverted triangle back to delivery into the penalty area, Edward Zacca right their shot of a threat, but with his left leg by Romero, lixishitaina Romero of the perimeter shot was again ready to save. On 29 minutes, Argentina high balls into the penalty area, higuain cross shoulder, up laweiqixiao the edge of the area to push force is too light, easily confiscated by goalkeeper after 36 minutes, Edward Zacca ball kick when Ezequiel Lavezzi, unsporting by referee on duty.

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