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 fifa 15 coins Brazil World Cup witnessed a football revolution

People think, end of the career of coach is a coach of the national team, his main job is personnel management, rather than with the fifa 15 coins players on the training ground. This concept is outdated, the national team coach is no longer experiences problems, but thinking coaches don't spend enough time studying tactics with players, but it is also Chile coach Pauli, and Mexico team manager Jose Herrera, United States coach Jurgen Klinsmann closer to the us of Germany coach Joachim Loew has proved to be a wrong idea. There is one obvious point, Loew, studies with tactical plans to work with the players, his attitude seems to be his own work in operating a club-like counter-attack has always been the most effective means of scoring. But the World Cup will be the game to a new level, many teams emphasize blocking pitch space and compression. Not absorbing pressure and then tries to break, but when the team back, they are done with unparalleled speed and strength to fight back. Without possession of the team was able to win FIFA's Technical Committee had noted a number of teams to take this "reckless" style. Bold the most important, which in Germany against Ghana and the United States against Belgium or innovation embodied in the game or lose the game--this is the Fifa 15 Coins Trader, Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online, Enjoy Instant delivery!! Out of England in the World Cup is one of the reasons it stubbornly insist on a formation--4231 at the same time, we have seen some various team formations, 352, 433, some teams don't even have's striker, such as Germany. Chile team formation is 343, Colombia use 4231-4141, Uruguay is 4222At this World Cup, few games can be relaxing and good to play. Costa Rica team did very well; Algeria team did well in Russia and Germany dragged into extra-time; Australia scores at the bottom team in the group, but with Chile and the Netherlands play very close to Iran only in injury time before losing in the Argentina team, Switzerland is also lost in overtime to the magic of Macy 's. Almost no team, no big scores to lose. In fact, biggest losing score was former world champion Spain Manuel Neuer in the Germany team to Algeria team staged a Masterful performance in the game, he is representative of the modern goalie. Germany coach Joachim Loew says he is the defender of freedom. He dared to restricted zones to intercept them. Neuer is excellent not just his defensive skills, but also his fast ball technology, it is very important for modern goalkeepers. France goalkeeper Loris was also very bold, despite the fact that he showed more discipline in the World Cup semi-finals in 2010 for all four teams, namely, Spain, and Germany and the Netherlands and Uruguay, are in a formation known as the mode of dual-axis in midfield. Formations used by the three European teams is 4231 Spain teams use 4231 shape already for 10 years, and now it is out of fashion, because it was aware of two midfield players will be oppressed by the team with three players in midfield at the World Cup with Van Persie, Karim Benzema, neymar and Lionel Messi and other top strikers, but classic 9Goals from centre-forward role was no longer a major threat. They are greedy to the ball, but the unselfish, diligent and doing the hard work of people, they want to harass opponents, controlled the ball and create opportunities for team-mates tore space and. Brazil striker Fred's main task is not the goal, neymar, but want to hold on to the ball. Germany team simply gave up that role, let top midfielder Mueller in front.

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