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 fifa 15 coins for sale Substituted Lavezzi Maradona Messi don\'t deserve the Golden Ball is a failur

Today early this morning, 2014 Brazil World Cup in football St Temple maracana Stadium falls curtain, although no led Argentina team won, but Messi still get has "gold ball Award" of award,fifa 15 coins for sale in many professional persons eye in the, this is FIFA issued to runner-up of "comfort Award", also holds this views of also including King Maradona, old horse bluntly Messi unworthy obtained World Cup gold ball award, he also satire this just FIFA of marketing means in this World Cup Shang, Messi scored 4 ball, assists 1 times, But in the knockout stages, Argentina head is completely used, no score recorded, to be fair, he doesn't play as j Lo scored 6 goals, nor Germany's Thomas Mueller, but FIFA has presented this award to the Macy 's, which has caused much controversy. Bombarded with Maradona on the road, "Messi? If possible, I will give everything to him, but this is the World Cup, you need to play to win back their own stuff, and I think he doesn't deserve to win the Golden Ball award, this is FIFA's marketing tools.

Argentina 0-1 in the final but were defeated by Germany, for this result, and Maradona was very sad, he said, "I feel sad for my country, maliaoge policy goal really hurts, and for me, this is a blow, we conceded a last-minute goal. Judging from the overall situation, I think Argentina at least deserve penalties, and the Germans caught us a rare mistake in defence.

Mourinho substituted Lavezzi think Savilla in today's interview is that this game is a major failing, Maradona expressed its endorsement, "I do not understand why this substitution, which got us into passive in the beginning of the second half, Aguero display does not have standards, this is not part of his game.

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