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 fifa coins ps3 Maradona the finger in response to disaster claims dismissed Afghan President idiot

Rio on June 21, World Cup Argentina against Iran game, Maradona, La Mano di Dio appeared in Belo Horizonte Stadium, Maradona resigned as Argentina national coach after the post first time watched Argentina's game.fifa coins ps3 But Maradona watching Argentina did not bring luck to Eagles of the pampas, Argentina as Iran battled for nearly 90 minutes, the score has been 0:0, right into the stoppage, Macy's used a foot wave in the world, completed the game-winning before Lionel Messi staged shots, Maradona had left the room in advance. In response, Su feud with Maradona's Argentina Football Association President Julio grondona, Argentina team locker room gave Maradona screwed up, "Jinx is gone, so we won. "Maradona,! Enjoy 24/7/365 online service for cheap fifa 15 coins xbox, fifa 15 coins ps3/ps4, fifa 15 ios coins and fifa 15 android coins. grondona's son wubeiertuo also took the opportunity to rant:" most things I worry about are those Comet balls, after they came, no team can win the game.

Helm Argentina FA years of grondona has always been Word, and Maradona of style is go its own way, so in Maradona since October 2008 served as Argentina team coach zhihou, they Zhijian of contradictions constantly intensified, eventually to Maradona "class" ended in Saturday of a television program in the, Maradona on grondona of talk be has counterattack, said its is a "full of stupid goods", and in program in the erected middle finger, said disgust and despised.

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