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 fifa coins the World Cup

At this World Cup, Ronaldo ended with a goal, he became the first scoring all the three World Cup Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's goal put out by Ghana and the United States a chance to compete and help the United States qualify directly.fifa coins Us fans have send thanks to Ronaldo and his love, and would allow him to "hairstyles" joined the Avengers players active in Ghana to Ronaldo after the game, they were hugging and comforting each other, Ronaldo also squeezed out a slight smile ... ... Before the Ronaldo off the pitch, he stopped suddenly turned away, he looked back at the stadium, and finally to feel the sensation of the World Cup. He does not know what he does not believe. But in the end, still had to leave Ronaldo's goals helped the team 2-1 ahead of Ghana, CCTV host He Wei commented: "while the shots were not so wonderful, but dragged his leg playing for Ronaldo, he gives him the best comfort. "Zhu Guanghu Zhu guide is also very excited," Ah! " His injured left leg, should congratulate him!

Get money, as his team, his leg cramps can really run. Specially before the game is said to be the President of Ghana, his plane would send millions of dollars to Brazil, disgruntled players to play that game. FIFA gave all appearance fees of the group stage eliminated teams have $ 8 million, but to arrive after the World Cup, Ghana players clearly have little faith for National Football Association. Ghana Boyer on Portugal, the God of assists. This is the World Cup's fifth Black Dragon Ball Portugal told the newspaper the Boston Globe: Portugal played himself in the best game of this World Cup, Ronaldo probably shouldn't be playing at this World Cup because he has exposed this side of themselves are also human. But he never evade responsibility in the most difficult moments he hang together until the end. Portugal failed to qualify, but Ronaldo can do conscience this World Cup of 16 strong has all produced, against situation following: Brazil VS Chile, and Colombia VS Uruguay, and Netherlands VS Mexico, and Costa Rica VS Greece, and France VS Nigeria, and Germany VS Algeria, and Argentina VS Switzerland, and Belgium VS United States with Brazil World Cup group game of gradually ended, so far, has has Bosnia, and Japan, and Italy, and Iran, and Honduras, and Cote d ' Ivoire announced six teams coach class: Su Xiqi, Alberto zaccheroni, Cesare prandelli, Queiroz, and Suarez and Ramsey. They are also heroes Cup, let us see them off, I do not know, then, who will send?

Girls love the Italy, England, Spain, and Portugal the collective return to Europe. Coming out of the top 16 in the World Cup playoffs, the World Cup begins in earnest.

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