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 fifa coins the World Cup newcomer

In game two, the "fifa coins" Member mentioned pain went down 17 times, is the most of any teams. Posters appeared in the World Cup 5 times neymar on such "injury", in Brazil topped the team. In less than 15 seconds each time he stood up Honduras players lying on the ground or to undergo treatment for the longest time: 7 minutes, 40 seconds, to be exact. Of course, consisting of 5 minutes and 10 seconds in against France team appeared in the first half, to draw on the field at that time (the Honduras team was good enough for) as the World Cup newcomer clearly does not understand the trick. They in two field game in the only has two times "injured", total hurt stopped time only 24 seconds in against Spain team Shi to keep live leading advantage, Chile team players were total has 11 times "injured", than many team in two field even more game in the of hurt stopped times are more in against Honduras team Shi, opening only 4 seconds, Valencia on pour in ground hold live has leg in these game in the total 9 name players was stretcher lift appearances outside, has 5 people later returned to has field Shang and are is in 90 seconds within, Including United States players Beasley said foreign media, in this World Cup one of the most common complaints is that the players "" the time it takes injuries. Otherwise, this tournament will be fantastic according to the United States, the Wall Street Journal, June 26, statistics group at the World Cup replays the first 32 games, and proceeded to make a comprehensive empirical study, the goal was to answer a question: which World Cup team diving the most?

In the first 32 games, a total of 302 players were on the pitch, "painful" fought to roll, curl or lying lifeless on the lawn, the referee had to pause the game. These dramatic scenes today 132 minutes, decided to include the Wall Street Journal dubbed it the "roll" to be fair, play really hurts people. Players may hit the head, cramps, or soft tissue injury. In the first 32 games, there were 9 injuries result in the player being substituted, or totally unable to come in and missed the entire game. After the exclusion of these 9 events, there were 293 injuries, so how do you calculate total time 118 minutes, 21 seconds of this "roll"? The method used here is calculated from the referees (due to players who may have been injured) blows the whistle until the players got up and the time it takes.

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