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 fifa coins trader World Cup

Participants by cuts in the next World Cup in Asia, as South Korea and Japan both strong performance and almost impossible to achieve. In other words, Brazil in their World Cup Asian zone qualifiers Asia actually qualify seats will also be at least 4.5. However, as South Korea and Japan both strong performance, Asia is likely to go for half a seat. The next World Cup, Brazil as the host team finalists, only 9 teams in South American zone qualifier. fifa coins trader If the existing 4.5 seats, rated South American zone qualifiers to reach 50%, are clearly too high. Instead, the Brazil team, then to South America, 4 are more reasonable. So who more than half the seats would be allocated to the region of South America, needs to be revisited. If Japan can overcome the Paraguay team history into the last 8, maybe Asian can confidently to win, like the African tournament, even as his team into the last 4, or just flat out Korea team at the 2002 FIFA World Cup results. 0 in Asia or South America can be.5 seats won directly over, there are 5 direct outlet opportunity. Let the Oceania champions and 4th in North America to compete in the last World Cup tournament. To sum up, the Asian Football Confederation for World Cup half a seat also has a nice weight. Soon to become a reality, for football in China is undoubtedly more than a glimmer of opportunity and hope, which belongs to the beneficiaries. But before we can benefit from, let us work together to support the Japan team in the hope that they can beat Paraguay into the last eight. Harman is satisfied with the performance of Asian teams group games, especially in direct contest with African teams. If the Asian team won in the direct contest with African teams, undoubtedly the most powerful weapon against FIFA. Group stages Asian teams direct dialogue with African teams 4 times: Japan beat Cameroon team 1:0 team Korea and Australia respectively, 2:2, 1:1, draw with Nigeria and Ghana teams only North Korea's 0:3 loss to Ivory Coast. A total score of 1 win and 2-1 losses, at least African teams did not significantly stronger than that of the Asian team. Moreover, Africa had 6 teams, only 4 teams in Asia. One possibility: when you host the World Cup for the first time in Asia, Korea squad into the last 4. If FIFA really wants to cut the Asian tournament, this will in any case to ensure that Ghana's top 4, in order to "block" the AFC's mouth. Even so, hosting the World Cup for the first time in Asia when Japan team into the last 16, and now the other 5 teams have already been knocked out of Africa. South Korea and Japan both broke into the top two playoffs, AFC provides a strong weight. Dutch East Indies expenditure became the first Asian World Cup team now. In 1954, the Korea team in the group stage in 0:9, 07 loss to Hungary and Turkey, FIFA World Cup in 1958, 1962 to Asia only 0.5 seats, required and European teams for the play-off. Due to the great disparity in strength, Asia remains absent for the 1958 and 1962 world cups. In 1982, the expansion to 24 teams for the World Cup, Oceania and Asia continues to share 2 seats in the same Division. After the AFC win from 1986 to 1994, Asian pick up 2 seats. FIFA gives Asia 3.5, 4th place in Asia and Oceania Championship duel 1 tournament. By 2006, FIFA to give Asia expansion of seats for today's 4.5. Directly by a journalist asked: "Europe's disappointing team and the African team's performance so far, does this mean that their tournament will be reduced? "Jerome valcke said:" all the continents are moving forward, getting more and more powerful. This result showed that Europe was no longer as strong as in the past. Has a lot of explaining, of course, some of the team after the 2006 World Cup has not changed enough, these European players play too many matches before the World Cup ... ... But most of Argentina and Brazil's players are in effect in Europe, in fact, came in for World Cup teams, the vast majority of the players are playing in Europe. Most important, is still stronger than in the past in other countries. According to the relevant provisions of the FIFA, World Cup seats allocated in the light of two basic principles, one is the team's previous World Cup performance; the second is considering both continents population base. Achievements here, of course, is not only the best in franchise history on all continents, depends on a continent the team's overall performance. Like the North Korean team at the World Cup this year, the top 32 of the rankings determined last, it will affect the image of Asian football. (This actually give Chinese football a lesson, that is, when attending a world series, China represents more than just a country in China, but the whole of Asian football. Chinese football man, Chinese football fans should be aware. At the World Cup, South American teams the best 5 teams all get beyond the group stage, rated 100%; 3 teams in North America and only in Honduras was eliminated, rated 67%; 4 teams in Asia with South Korea and Japan qualify, rated 50%; only 6 teams into the last 16 in Europe, 13Out of 46% participants; 6 teams in Africa and only 1 team qualify, rated only 17%, beating only in Oceania (New Zealand teams did not qualify, but never lost). This is the Asian teams in the past has ever met in the World Cup.

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