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 fifa ultimate coins Neymar shot 2-1 vermicelli cult fans rush was bowed over

Brazil team each scored with a new generation of stars to play can not be separated. The first 22 minutes, deadlock is broken, fifa ultimate coins Brazil's 1-0 lead, the goal was directed "new King" neymar, he strikes the ball 30 meters out straight, Oscar pole broke. Neymar and the speed and break, and Oscar astute anti-offside, at its head the second goal in the goal process remains, Director of neymar, he driving the ball in the penalty area before the attack, his idol, Kaka's cross from under the left side, hit the goalkeeper failed to stop the ball, Oscar push an empty net reverse fixture 2-0. Many people may think that Oscar did nothing but run the free shot position, if such thinking keeps enjoying the full cooperation to score Brazil's third goal is Kaka's individual performance, fourth goal was Hurk copied Kaka's solo effort. On 55 minutes, Hurk takes the ball from the right to kill the penalty box, Iraq Defender blocked the ball, Polk anti-Hu robbed continue to dribble into the penalty area, Cheap Fifa 15 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online small angle, taken over guard, left-foot fire break. Neymar and Oscar have a similar opportunity today, missed both, Brazil stars ability does great Brazil teams the last two goals, was scored after Kaka was substituted. Fifth ball is the player's personal performance, Brazil teams field counterattack, neymar single open-back position is on the left of the penalty area, right foot shot looped the ball across a beautiful ARC break. Last shot is a frontal attack, neymar starting road breakthroughs, arc Strip straight, small substitute Lucas quickly rushed to the Middle from the left, long shots of low ball scoring 6 goals in 5Ball is a new generation of players led by neymar created opportunities and scored, while 2-1 shot and neymar, the most successful. Brazil stars are behaving out of this world, that two fans an uncontrollable excitement, jumped into the pitch from the stands and tried to heroes for a close encounter. However the game's security is so strong, instantly more than more than 10 Security intruder ran across the lawn, the two stars such as neymar, fans did not forget to smile. Malm, you know the pitch is one of the venues to host the women's soccer European Championship next year, where security standards are not weak.

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