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 fifa ultimate team coins lifted the shirt and flashed on any written i

WCC News (reporters Xu Zuji) also remembered on January 22, Lionel Messi in Barcelona, the Spanish League's 3:0 win in the match racing into the penalty, excitedly ran to the front of the camera open shirt revealing underwear warm scene wish MOM a happy birthday on it? And this person sitting in front of TV Macy's mother to tears by acts of filial piety, and Lionel Messi out of Euro 2000. fifa ultimate team coins But the money, not for his mother's gift, is breaking into the Spain Football Federation account. Because Macy's this move be liable according to Spanish League regulations expressly provides: when players after a goal or at any point in the game, lifted the shirt and flashed on any written in underwear ads, slogans, acronyms

Portfolio, trademarks or images, including how the content and meaning, he can be fined between 2000 to 3000 euro fines. So the Spanish Disciplinary Committee, to Euro 2000 penalty Lionel Messi is very appropriate, and game, Messi because it got a yellow card. Maybe this is the reasonableness of the so-called illegal. However, the 2000 euros for Messi to well-paid,Cheap Fifa 14 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online!! also just drizzle it in fact Liga FIFA ban extended. FIFA rules players several times after scoring against Strip to celebrate, but in order to give vent to score or express certain emotions of excitement, there is always a goal by willingness to eat a yellow card and adventures in "no-go zone". In the World Cup finals, Yi Niesi

Tower for Spain playing into winning a ball, he de Xia Jersey running, show underwear Shang "Jarque forever and we with in" of words, remembering due to heart burst died of Qian Spanish team captain Jarque, also let people moved, and has didn't people remembers small white so get of that Zhang yellow but is total has slip through the, Shang season La Liga 23rd round Real Madrid 6:2 beat Villarreal of game in the, Ronaldo scored Hou, show underwear Shang solidarity suffered mudslides attacks of home of words, does not incurred punishment. Last season's Champions League, arsenal defeated Shakhtar Donetsk, 4:0 game, Fabregas after a goal, with Messi in almost the same way bless my mother, has not received a UEFA fine.

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