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 fut coins Brazil World Cup flops list

Team at the World Cup replays the first 32 games, and undertook a comprehensive empirical study, the goal was to answer one question: which World Cup team diving the most?

In the first 32 games, a total of 302 players were on the pitch, "painful" fought to roll, curl or lying lifeless on the lawn, the referee had to pause the game. These dramatic scenes today 132 minutes, decided to include the Wall Street Journal dubbed it the "fut coins" to be fair, play really hurts people. Players may hit the head, cramps, or soft tissue injury. In the first 32 games, there were 9 injuries result in the player being substituted, or totally unable to come in and missed the entire game. After the exclusion of these 9 events, there were 293 injuries, so how do you calculate total time 118 minutes, 21 seconds of this "roll"? The method used here is calculated from the referees (due to players who may have been injured) blows the whistle until the players got up and the time it takes. If the player was put out, then "roll" it will stop the clock when he emerged from the sidelines this study highlights a problem, that is, players dive time and score in a game were directly linked to. For the party to lose the game, the players appeared 40 times "injury time", time consuming nearly 12.5 minutes. And for the party to win, because the players are playing for time, waiting for the end of the game the idea more strongly, so the party appeared 103 times "injury", took nearly four times times the losing party so clear with that in mind, we have handed out the first-ever international football diving award winners. To publish the list now!

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