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 fut coins Soccer and football culture feast

Entering the show, sets on display from the entrance to the Museum, all reveal the rich flavor of football culture and exotic. Hall floor, renowned artists from around the world around the street football as a theme full of passion and pleasure to create street art works of their respective countries,fut coins showing the strong regional style and street culture, regardless of time and place, no distinction or anywhere where we can experience all of football. To walk inside, come to the latter part of the first floor gallery, we see the Nike-sponsored 2006 World Cup team jerseys series, every team comes from a unique country; every player on the pitch, with the noblest ideals, every person who was moved by the sport are sharing their passion. Nike Team series is inspired by the awareness that every place is unique. Each team was special. Each series is integrated into the different elements of culture. National suits still stocked with fans, obsessed with shoes of common wild six Air Force 1Color version of the World Cup. Football and art of free style tangled in they each a times of full love inputs, happy experience and superb feat in the, II big section echo, heritage with "from street to field" of art concept, it is a and born furniture to of football quality, gives football life, and extends for a step by step of power, penetration in football movement of soul in exhibition of second layer Hall full has domestic many of excellent new sharp Designer by brings of odd SI wonderful wants to, they to football for platform for creative design, Designers crystallize abstract art, in a special way to express their views on football the most beautiful sports in the world and the mind. Domestic works of art students is let China art design for a better future is full of hope.

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