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 wildstar Platinum Germany Arjen Robben to fly again and again when the Savior

Miracle of aileiersen own-goal, such ridiculous scenes, almost as we only see once in a lifetime; Wang even four people, is reminiscent of the omnipotent Wizard Lionel Messi the pitch; hamode scored in stoppage time for a dead ball, is even more people come to appreciate what a Savior!

Gertze-when we talk about a foot would be champion, Germany Brazil 7 1, Arjen Robben to fly again and again when the Savior, and should not be forgotten in our super.wildstar Platinum The World Cup no matter how good, that is someone else 's, at least for the present football has nothing to do with China. After all, only in the Super League, is the root of Chinese football, can best represent the image of Chinese soccer. World Cup Germany Brazil ladies with good performance, score again, how can match the battle over the hometown team to warm them?

Thankfully it is when we back when Super, to be exposed to such a high standard of competition. Despite the technical and tactical ability, and on the rhythm of the scene, gaps still exist in the same World Cup. But at least in terms of suspense, choking game level, compared to the World Cup have been overkill can even superior! This is soccer's greatest blessing, but also fans of Chinese football is not only the size of defeat, not only wages; we are more passionate about the game, so people blood boiling over! The World Cup, Chinese fans can only play the role of spectator back to Super League game, Chinese fans will no longer be a looker, but the real masters! We can enjoy the real beauty of football, rather than just in front of the television from this point of view, decimating He Shun-day bouts, Super was a good start for us. Also let the fans soon faded out of the World Cup, the focus shifted to the Super League game. Super eye already attract fans at least, that's the biggest positive. (Drip)

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