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 wow gold Chongqing fans count the fallen serie a four deadly sins

AC Milan a two-legged 1:5 defeat on aggregate Atletico out of Serie a in the Champions League this season all but shut gold Chongqing "fans," count the fallen serie a four sins.

Watch 1:3 glare on the screen, Milan fans in Chongqing Chen decisively turn the TV off, end of the game and went to bed, "see scores upset, so I might as well go to bed. "Yesterday morning one-eighth Champions League final second leg, AC Milan lost to Atletico Madrid away 1:4, was knocked out by a 1:5 of the total score, all the Milan fans are frustrated by this result," Milan fans we always used to say that AC Milan Champions League DNA, worst in the League, and also into the last eight of the Champions League. Now I'm too scared.

AC Milan's elimination also meant that the Club in the Champions League this season all but shut out, Italy the news daily, said: "for Italy in football, this is a mark of disgrace of the night. "Serie a faltering in recent years, many fans look to La Liga, Premier League and the Bundesliga. What is crime down in Serie a? Chongqing morning post reporters interviewed Chongqing Italy fans, who led the Serie a corruption of four deadly sins is given first Sin: lack of money

Chen was born in 1983, in Serie a the most gold in the 90 's, Chen is a child, but could not forget the brilliant. "When I was in junior high school, remember to wear at school is the most Juventus, AC Milan jerseys students. "When Juventus had Zinedine Zidane, Inter Milan has Ronaldo, AC Milan, Shevchenko, as long as the Serie a Giants, there are few in the world called top soccer stars" look now, neymar, Ronaldo, Messi, football didn't premiere serie. Now the Serie a title the loudest only Mario Balotelli, but famous more because his character, rather than skill. "Chen Junyue and more excited, and some employers trying to feel. Chen thinks the decline of Serie a is short of money, "no money not big-name stars, attention naturally low, sponsors lose interest, and fewer fans, refused to join the plus market development behind serie a in a vicious circle.

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